Sugar Dating Full Guide of 2020

Wondering what it's really like to date sugar daddies and babies? Build relationships on your terms and live the life you dream of!

Seeking sugar arrangements is not easy without correct guiding, this type of relationship is actually more difficult to find than a traditional one, and as you know some people never find those. Have you ever felt a bit discouraged in your sugar dating search? Have you ever found it difficult to adapt to little or no response?

If so, you are here in the right place. This full guide will help you get rid of all the problems which stop you from finding a sugar relationship. The guide has been read over millions of times, and have helped over 50 thousands of people find their ideal mathes in the past years.


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What Is Sugar Daddy, Sugar Momma, Sugar Baby, And Sugar Dating?

Typical Sugar Babies are college students or women in their early stage of career, looking for a wealthy and old man to get financial support and mentorship in exchange for company. The sugar baby's male partner who offers cash, gifts or other financial and material benefits is referred to as a Sugar Daddy, while the female partner is a Sugar Momma. The practice is called "Sugar Dating", and this kind of lifestyle and dating scene are sometimes described as "sugar bowl".

What Does A Sugar Baby Do?

The role of a sugar baby playing in a sugar relationship is more like a spoiled girlfriend. They should date their sugar daddies according to a set schedule. Sometimes, their paying partners will take them on vacation, business trips, to attend formal banquets. Most Sugar daddies expect intimacy as part of the dynamic, so sex is likely to come up at some point — but it's not the primary focus of the arrangement. Some relationships are purely platonic — in those arrangements, sugar daddies only want a good companion or a patient listener.

What Does A sugar Daddy Offer?

It mainly depends on what the sugar baby wants and the specific terms of the arrangement. Here are the 4 common forms of benefits sugar daddies usually offer.

  • 1. Regular Allowance (Monthly or PPM). A lot of sugar babies prefer this form of benefits so that they can choose to spend their money however they feel like.
  • 2. Gifts . Since jewelry, clothes, shoes, and bags are widely welcomed by young girls, some sugar daddies were happy to provide their sugar baby benefits in forms of Gifts.
  • 3. Bill Payment. Another popular option for sugar daddy is to pay their sugar babies' bills, including the expenses of glam holidays, expensive dinners, tuition, rent, and shopping sprees.
  • 4. Career Support. In some arrangements, the sugar daddy acts as a mentor to their sugar baby and offers valuable guidance for long-term stability.

Is Being A Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy Legal?

While some people consider sugaring is another form of prostitution. In fact, this practice is quite different from prostitution in nature. Firstly, dating a sugar daddy is not a one-time thing, and you tend to build a relationship that lasts for some time. Secondly, although sex is a part of the arrangement, it's not a requirement, the relationship between sugar daddy and baby was built base on feelings, respect, and passion. So you can be a sugar daddy and sugar baby as long as you are over 18 because the sugar dating is totally legal.

What Is The Age Range for A Sugar Baby?

For legal and ethical reasons, most sugar daddy dating sites do not accept profiles from under 18. Age. That being said, if you want to be a sugar baby, you must be at least 18-years-old. Besides that, there is no other sugar baby age limit. The average age of the legal sugar baby is 26 and over 85% of them aged from 18 to 35 years old. Althougth young women are the most popular among sugar daddies, you still can find profiles from men on sugar daddy dating sites looking for girls 35+, as it is said the oldest sugar baby was 55.

How Much Do Sugar Babies Make?

The specific amount is very variable in different countries or states. The deciding factor lies in the size of the city you live in and the annual income of the sugar daddy you meet. In a big city, the typical range is $2,500 to $10,000 per month. and in a small city, the typical range is $1,200 to $6,000 per month. If the relationships are PPM, the typical sugar baby allowance per date is around $150 to $1,500.

How Do Sugar Babies Get Paid?

It depends on which type of relationship you are in. In PPM(short for pay per meet), the sugar daddy gives the girl money after each of their dates. In a monthly or weekly pay relationship, sugar daddies give the girl money according to a set schedule. Sugar babies usually have 6 methods to receive their allowance, by Cash, Check, Peer-to-Peer Network Payment, Pre-Paid Card, Bill Payment, and Bitcoin.

How Do People Find Their Sugar Relationships?

To find a sugar relationship, the most common way is to use a specific sugar dating website, which is an effective and direct way that doesn't take a lot of time and effort. Or you can use a Tinder-like dating website, which is an economy and convenient way, but you may need to spend months time to wait a real date. Using a social media website is also a quite common way of seeking sugar arrangements, but the rate of success is not very high. Besides that, we know some people that have discovered their dates with a referral, but this way is not suitable for a newbie. Learn more »

How Long Does It Take to Find A Sugar Relationship?

It depends on who you are. You know, there are as many as 4 - 8 sugar babies for each sugar daddy in the sugar bowl. This makes the situation advantageous for generous gentlemen looking for a young and attractive date but can make it more difficult for a sugar baby to find her match. Usually, it can take 2 - 4 months for a new sugar baby to find a good sugar daddy, while a sugar daddy only needs less than 1 month to gain a sugar baby's favor. The most common mistake that newbie sugar babies can make is to greatly under-estimate the time investment in finding a sugar arrangement. To avoid a repeat, it's recommended that you leave enough time for your sugar daddy search so that you can screen out the time-wasters, losers, and fakers.

How Sugar Daddy Dating Site Works?

① Choose Platforms

Select one to three sugar dating webistes to join. Register an account and create an eye-catching dating profile.

② Discover Matches

Browse through quality sugar daddy/baby profiles in your location. Shortlist the potential matches you like.

③ Start Interaction

Start interacting with them. Get to know each other better. Negotiate the specific terms of the arrangement.

④ Arrange Meetups

Arrange your first real-life date and let your sugar relationships blossom into a long-term romance.

What Is the Best Sugar Dating Site?

Sugar daddy dating sites are online communities exclusively for arrangement seekers, will allow you to find your sugar relationships simply and straightforwardly. They create an environment where attractive people and wealthy people meet for fun, romance, and financial support. That's the reason why they are so popular today.

But meanwhile, we notice that there are dozens of sugar daddy dating sites (including their apps) available on the web, they are run by different companies with different service qualities and technologies capabilities. For a newbie, it's hard to identify whether a dating site is good or not. So what is the best sugar daddy dating site? It seems like a difficult question.

When people come to sugar dating, they have their own purpose. Maybe someone is an online sugar baby who wants a relationship without physical intimacy and face-to-face meetups, or maybe someone is a gay sugar daddy who is only looking for the male sugar babies. You see, people have different conditions, they need different types of sugar dating services. Let us assume that you finally find out a so-called best sugar daddy dating site, if it cannot offer the services you really want, no matter how perfect it is, it's not meant for you.

So why do you always focus on the word "best"? Have you actually ever considered the site suits me or not? Face it. Finding a good sugar relationship, we just need a suitable and trusted sugar dating website, do not necessarily need the best one. The key to winning the competition in the sugar bowl is to market yourself well, instead of finding out the best dating platform. Just be clear, about your expectations and conditions so that you can make an informed decision on choosing the right dating website. Don’t let the word “best” mislead you!

Now the following is a list of top 10 popular sugar daddy dating sites, each of them has been reviewed by a team of our professional administrators who compare them from different points, including social likes and shares, user reviews, search engine ranking, and more. Reading the reviews, you will know which ones are the least annoying, relatively good, and most trusted.

10 Sugar Dating Facts Newbie Sugar Baby Need-to-Know

New to sugar daddy dating? You have to be prepared to face many challenges. There are 10 important things every newbie needs to know:

  • 1. You are in a fiercely competitive environment.
  • 2. Seeking a good sugar arrangement can takes a lot of time.
  • 3. Sugaring is not a one-time deal, you tend to build a relationship.
  • 4. It's not wise quit and be a full-time sugar baby.
  • 5. Sugaring is different from prostitution, sugar babies are not exchanging money for sex, but are exchanging companionship for intimacy.
  • 6. Not all sugar daddies are old and ugly, there is still a chance that you find a young and charming sugar daddy.
  • 7. The most important thing for a sugar baby is to protect your security and privacy well.
  • 8. You might not be able to avoid fake daddies, just ignore them.
  • 9. Wise sugar baby always ask for a reasonable allowance.
  • 10. It is normal to be rejected by a sugar daddy, forget him and move onto the next one.  Learn More »

How to Creat a Perfect Sugar Dating Profile? (with Examples)

The importance of the dating profile for a sugar baby or sugar daddy is self-evident. It‘s not only can give others a clear impression of who you are and what you have but also can prove that you are a real person who is waiting for a sincere date. Unfortunately, so many people don’t put enough effort into making their profile so that they are hardly stand out from the crowd. Based on this, here we compile a full guide with lots of real examples to teach you how to create a perfect sugar dating profile. Learn More »

What Are The Different Types of Sugar Arrangements?

  • Mutually Beneficial: a sugar baby doing "stuff" with a sugar daddy to get financial support in return.
  • No-Strings-Attached: similar to a casual relationship, no feelings and emotions involved is the rule No.1.
  • Friendship: establish a mutually beneficial relationship, meanwhile develop a real friendship.
  • Online Arrangement: interacting with sugar baby only through the online platforms, no physical touch and face to face meetups.
  • LGBT Arrangement: quite similar to the common arrangement in which the difference lies in the sexual orientation.
  • Serious Relationship: dating a rich guy who is interested in a lasting relationship, and the relationship base on love, passion, feelings, and respect.
  • Mentorship: successful sugar daddy offers valuable guidance to help sugar baby establish their career, mentorship is the most important factor.
  • Companion: spend time with a sugar daddy, such as on vacation, business trips, to attend formal banquets etc.
  • Sugar Momma Arrangement: quite similar to sugar daddy arrangement in which the difference lies in the gender.
  • Platonic Arrangement: a special form of sugar arrangement, building an asexual relationship with a sugar daddy, no intimacy involved.
  • Short-Term Arrangement: the most common sugar arrangement, relationship generally lasts short than six months.
  • Long-Term Arrangement: If the chemistry between the two parties is strong, then their relationship will lasts a relatively long time.