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Which One Is The Better Dating Partner, Young Sugar Daddy or Older Sugar Daddy?

Latest update: July 11, 2020       21225 by Tony Samuel

older sugar daddy vs young sugar daddy When you want to find a sugar daddy, his age deserves consideration. As an experienced sugar baby, I ever met 5 sugar daddies in the past decade. Among them, the youngest one was 27 years old and the oldest one was 65. What is the difference between a young sugar daddy and older sugar daddy? Today, I'm going to share my views on this issue according to my real experience in sugar baby dating. Hope it will help you make a better choice.

To hit the nail right on the head is to admit that sugaring is an economic reality mixed with affection. For older sugar daddy and young sugar daddy on both sides of the coin, it’s a matter of giving what you have to get what you want! But like the law of economics; there is always a point of diminishing return. There is a point where the economic factor begins to wane, and affection becomes a priority.

Do sugar baby prefer young sugar daddy or older sugar daddy? A discussion such as this isn’t to make a bias conclusion for or against sugaring daddies. The intention is to examine possible preferences a sugar baby can make and what should inform the choice.

1. Comparison of typical young sugar daddy and typical older sugar daddy

In the table below we have listed some main differences between them.

Criteria Young sugar daddy Older sugar daddy
Attraction They are more attractive. They are not as attractive due to age.
Sexual active They are strong and can provide the satisfaction any woman wants. It is unlikely they as good in bed as most sugar baby would want to have.
Availability They have little time because they are still economically exploring. They have more time to spend with their sugar baby because they are not that busy.
Generosity They are sensitive to how much they spend and so can be stingy spending. They are very generous; they see their sugar baby like their daughter need care.
Loyalty Not always available and can switch for another sugar baby they find more attractive. Tend to stay longer, and more available to attend to their sugar baby long term.
Generation gap There is no generation gap but different economic standing to question their needs. They are in different generation gap with vast experience to understand their needs.
Communication They are in the same generation, it’s easy to communicate and understand one another. They are not in the same time-line due to generation gap and not easy to communicate.
Long term With time, there is the possibility of developing even stronger affinity and lasting relationship. With time, needs can change quickly and the relationship will suffer.

From the comparison table above, it is evident sugar baby dating needs to consider many factors before deciding on an older sugar daddy or young sugar daddy. For an insight into what should inform the best choice to make, it is essential to understand the comparison criteria.

2. Understanding choice making criteria for sugar baby dating

The following sugar daddy selection criteria explain the reason for sugaring. These criteria reflect the economic and affection factors as discussed below.

  • 1.Attraction. Attraction is what brings two people together and the tonic that nurtures the relationship through a turbulent period. While money can be an attraction, experience has shown that you will soon have enough of it! Psychologically speaking, however, where the charm is lacking from the start, it is difficult to develop with time.
  • 2.Sexual active. The next attraction in a male and female relationship after physical attraction is sex. Granted there are lots or less money to get in the relationship, but if the sex element is not forthcoming as expected, it could throw a spanner in the wheel of progress of the relationship. It’s worth considering. Perhaps, a taste of the pudding is necessary; some oldies do it best!
  • 3.Availability. A relationship is about two people; it’s not about money or some gifts. Unless you want something casual and hurried, it’s best to err on the side of someone who will be there for you.
  • 4.Generosity. This is a bit tricky as time is the healer of all wounds! Considering the net-worth of the person, what is generous and what is not? Apparently, a man whose net-worth is billions of dollars will find it too easy to give you vacation anywhere in the world and won’t affect his finances, compared with someone with just a few thousand dollars to play with, giving you a ticket show in Vegas!
  • 5.Loyalty. Loyalty breeds love, affection and generosity! While the table favors oldies, only time will tell if young sugar daddy won’t catch-the-fire of affection and surpass old sugar daddy already retiring.
  • 6.Generation gap. Well, well, well, these days, some old people are useful in generation needs than your buddy you share the same gap. It’s a combination of different criteria that will say if the generation gap will be visible or closed.
  • 7.Communication. One would think people of different generation gap may not have a healthy conversation, but it depends on other factors. However, it is best to journey with someone you can communicate with for a pleasant walk; old or young, it doesn't matter.
  • 8.Long term relationship. Of course, this is the exclusive decision of sugar baby dating; you know why you are here. However, it’s worth some consideration to decide the haul you want to take; is it long or short? Between old and young, who do you think can meet this need?

2. Let’s conclude

Young sugar daddy or older sugar daddy, which is the better choice? There is no agreeable answer to it. Choosing Sugar daddy is a far-reaching decision you must make with the right information in your sugar baby dating! Knowing there will be a time when your lust for money will be satisfied, you need to choose wisely. I have provided where to look so you won’t make it hasty and regrettable! You know the expectations and limitation of older sugar daddy and young sugar daddy. Now you can make the best choice.

Happy sugaring!  
From your sugar sisters

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