Top 5 Sugar Daddy Apps for Android and iPhone in 2019

best sugar daddy appsReady to jump into the world of sugar dating? Here's the best place to start: Now, sugar daddy dating apps become more and more popular due to the rapid development of mobile phone applications. These apps provide users with many functions that are not available on PC device such as matching potential daters near you by the GPS, offering more convenient and safe payment methods, and receiving and replying messages instantly etc. Predictably, sugar daddy apps will form the major trend as the replacement of sugar dating websites due to its many different options and the optimum user experience. If you are looking for a sugar arrangement online, sugar daddy apps will get more our scores than websites. What's more, many sugar daddy websites have mobile app, you can create a new account or log in with your existing account.

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#1 Sugar Daddy Meet App

Sugar Daddy Meet App ReviewsSugar Daddy Meet App was launched in 2007 and since then it has been part of the best sugar daddy dating apps. With powerful features, ease of use and high-quality users, it has got good reputations and popularity in some specific countries including Australia, New Zeland, France, German and so on. If you are someone in one of these countries, Sugar Daddy Meet will be perfect for you. Therefore, Sugar Daddy Meet is our number one choice.

#2 Seeking App

Seeking App ReviewsSeeking Arragement App is one of world's largest and most famous sugar daddy apps. The app has about 5,000,000 members now 80% of whom are sugar babies, which means that each sugar baby has to compete with other 4 to get one sugar daddy/mommy.

Fortunately, thanks to the two variants of membership the app offers, sugar babies(both male and female) pay far less than sugar daddies/mommas. As many users are complaining about having difficulty in finding a satisfied date, we take it as the number two choice.

#3 Millionaire Match App

Millionaire Match App ReviewsMillionaire Match was launched on the iOS & Android platform in 2001 and became the first dating app in sugar dating category. It is now the world's largest rich men dating app with over 3,500,000 members including 500,000 strictly verified millionaires.

Apart from lots of useful features to match like-minded people, its uniqueness lies on the two types of relationships they offer including long-term serious relationship and sugar daddy relationship. The unique feature does not exist on other sugar daddy dating apps. Higher pricing and very strict verification system are its drawbacks. However, it is still regarded as the third choice of sugar daddy app.

#4 Sudy

Sudy App ReviewsSudy is indeed a very interesting app for sugar babies and sugar daddies. It has developed very rapidly in recent years and has won more than 3 million members. User experience is the first priority for Sudy.

To make users have a better experience, they offer 7/24 counseling service online and share some tips and skills about sugar dating in the Blogs from which You could learn something useful as a new one to the sugar relationship. However, in pursuit of the rapid growth of their members, Sudy is not as strict to accept the registration application as other sugar daddy dating apps, leading to more scammers and inactive members than others. Combining its advantages and disadvantages, we put it in the fourth place.

#5 SugarD

SugarD AppIf you are someone who loves creative ideas, Sugar D app would be your right choice. It makes use of some interesting methods to improve users quality. For example, each sugar daddy is required to verify his annual income and only those who earn more than 200 thousand dollars a year can win diamond certifications. Sugar babies are asked to upload selfies without makeup to show what they really look like. Poor aspects include less number of active members, higher membership fee than former ones and lack of value for money. So Sugar D has to be the fifth.

sugar daddy app

Initially, sugar daddy apps were a supplement to the sugar daddy dating sites meant to meet the dating needs of some mobile phone users. The rapid progress of mobile internet technology means that sugar daddy apps are indispensable. Currently, the use of sugar daddy app is overwhelmingly attributed to several in-built features that optimize users experience.

According to, the biggest sugar daddy app with over 10 million users, the number of mobile users surpassed PC users for the first time in December 2017 supporting the hypotheses that sugar daddy app is becoming an increasingly important tool used to find a sugar arrangement. If you are a generous sugar daddy looking for a beautiful young lady, or a financially needy younger woman looking for a rich man to actualize your dream, then sugar daddy apps certainly come in handy.

Benefits of Sugar Daddy Apps

Flexibility and convenience: The advent of mobile smartphones has dramatically limited the time people can spend sitting in front of their computers visiting websites. Instead, a great deal of time is spent on mobile apps to perform tasks that would otherwise be done on computers. The use of sugar daddy app indeed allows you to break through geographical and time constraints and keep in touch with a potential sugar daddy or sugar baby at any time. Sugar daddies, as well as sugar babies, are usually busy, and therefore this feature is particularly important when looking for an arrangement. An awesome arrangement is often missed due to a missed message or a long time taken to reply to messages.

More accurate positioning: Distance has often been a hindrance to people finding an ideal sugar arrangement. Sometimes, you have to give up some perfect potential matches because they are too far away from you. However, sugar daddy app offers a real solution to the problem of distance. The app locates you through GPS and recommends a more suitable partner basing on the city and the distance you prefer. This feature greatly improves the probability of success in finding an excellent arrangement. After installing a sugar daddy app on your mobile phone, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a sugar partner near you and within your reach.

Enhanced privacy: Compared to computers, mobile phones are more secure attributed to a strict operating system. They are therefore less vulnerable to virus intrusion, and better protection for users’ private information. Privacy is of utmost importance to sugar daddies, and sugar babies since both of them prefer to lead private lives.

What is the best sugar daddy app?

There are numerous sugar daddy apps available today with familiar names including SDM, Seeking, Sudy, and SugarD. These apps function differently and cater to diverse sugar dating needs. With hundreds of sugar daddy apps widely available, how to figure out which one is the least annoying, the most convenient, and the best to help you find awesome sugar arrangement? When choosing an sugar daddy app, many factors should be considered including the number of active members, features, ease of use among other considerations. You may want to check our review on the top five most seamless sugar daddy apps to choose an ideal sugar daddy app.

Nonetheless, nothing is 100% perfect, and our top 5 sugar daddy apps may not suit everyone. You should, however, try three apps, compare their performance and functionality and come up with a suitable decision. The best sugar daddy app is the one which is most suitable for you.