How We Rank Sugar Daddy Dating Sites ?

We acknowledge that users on our site are here to find the best sugar daddy dating site to find their match within the shortest possible time. Therefore, our site is designed to help you make an informed decision about the dating site to use and provide the right environment to locate your prospective dating services.

If this is your first time here and you would like to make the best use of our site, we urge you to:

1.Why should you trust our well-detailed list?

We are aware there are over 50 sugar daddy dating sites on the web that may result in time wasting for busy sugar babies and sugar daddies

  • • Our selection process follow stringent criteria to pick the top 10 most popular sugar daddy dating site and rate them
  • • We limit the list of dating sites we rank to 10 to give you a smart list of best sites to pick from
  • • We are impartial in our reviews and rating because we know that our reputation is on the line
  • • Our team of reviewers spent quality time on the sites as users to determine the effectiveness of the sites and rate them accordingly
  • • our goal is to provide useful and actionable information to our visitors so they can recommend us to their friends and other people

2.Sugar daddy dating site ranking factors

To determine the best dating site to recommend to our users, we adopted innovative ranking factors which encompass essential criteria that will guarantee quality and successful dating site user experience. The following are the guiding factors that determine what dating site to feature in our top ten.

  • Age. How old is the site giving? If it is active for so long, it is probably doing something right.
  • The number of active users. The population of a dating site will guarantee the possibility of a match.
  • Privacy. Users of a dating site want their privacy protected; this is a factor we use to select our top 10.
  • Unique features. The dynamism of searching for a date differs from site to site; we note the uniqueness of the top 10 we bring to you.
  • Ease of use. How easy is it to find your way around the site as most users are coming for the first time?
  • Search feature. How comfortable is it to search for your match using individual profile data as search keys?
  • The possibility of getting a date. How fast can a user get a date
  • others.

Using the stringent site ranking factors, our dating experts take time to go through each site features to write unbiased reviews on each site with a purpose to inform our esteemed audience of how each site feared and gave them the liberty to pick the site of their choice. Our conviction is that any site that we present as our top 10 will meet the expectations of our users.

3.Our site rating

After a comprehensive review using our stringent ranking factors, we conclude each site ranking with an award of a point from 1 to 5 grade, which leads to the selection of our top ten sites. Any site whose rating is below 1 is dropped, but we keep a close watch on the dropped sites, and if they scale our subsequent reviews and ranking, they will make our top 10 list.

4.What differentiates Google ranking from our ranking

Google uses the generalized benchmark to measure the ranking of a site, but we use in-depth industry yardstick and practical guide to measure what site will best deliver quality service that users will be pleased to have. Google’s algorithm criteria are based on backlinks, relevance and content done automatically by a set of codes while we use direct review and human intervention to determine and rate the site according to our set standards. Therefore, Google is machine controlled; ours is handpicked based on their experiences according to strictly guided ranking factors.

5.Your top 10 sites do not work for me?

Most times, a sugar daddy dating site is not for everyone that is why it is recommended that you find the site that works best for you. However, what we did is to go with the objective of the site we review which is sugar baby and sugar daddy focused. The sugar babies and sugar daddies have some set criteria that go with what they want, and if you must find success using a sugar daddy dating site, you have to follow these established standards to get attention. It is not our intention to mislead you, but it was expressly stated that these are sugar daddy sites demanding elitist culture and orientation to fit into the fold. However, we welcome suggestions on how to make our recommended top 10 sugar daddy dating sites/ top 5 sugar daddy app serve the need of the majority of people needing a date.