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Online dating is booming in the United States attributed to the rapid development of technology. Research conducted by GlobeSpan established that 20% of online dating website users found the life partners on online dating platform in 2018 alone. The immense success of online dating has led to an influx of Americans dating online leading to a change in the traditional dating system. Dating needs have considerably changed over the years, and dating sites have been keen to meet the needs of their clients. One such site specialized to cater to the needs of an increasingly growing clientele attributed to is sugar daddy dating sites.

Sugar daddy” has increasingly become popular all over the globe over the past few years and it’s believed to have started in the USA. A website by the name “Sugar Daddy Meet” was launched in 2007 in the United States and was aimed at building a mutually beneficial relationship between rich American men and financially needy younger lady referred to as sugar babies. In this typical relationship, sugar daddies represent old or middle-aged financially stable men often with families but lonely while sugar babies are financially unstable women who may be college students or have just begun working. Sugar daddies and sugar babies are connected via a sugar daddy dating site and agree to establish a sugar relationship finally. In return for a good company offered by the sugar baby, a sugar daddy is obliged to offer her regular gifts, allowances, cars, jewelry, trips and so much more depending on the details of the arrangement. The massive growth of sugar dating in the United States has not been met by surprise. The economic stagnation coupled with an increased living cost has seen many young and financially unstable ladies try to find solace from a rich sugar daddy. With a sugar daddies’ financial support, these ladies no longer have to stress about the high living cost in addition to high tuition fees. Sugar babies are offered extra money which they spend on shopping and improving their living conditions to live a lifestyle desired by numerous if not all college students. Sugar babies not only benefit from the luxurious life offered by also gain wide experiences with a great deal of knowledge through contact with their sugar daddy or sugar mommy. The gained experience and knowledge in the course of interaction with their sugar daddies put them at a greater position in competing with their peers back in the colleges. In colleges across America, the peer pressure to date a sugar daddy is immense, and it’s estimated that thousands of new members sign up for sugar daddy dating sites daily. In the future, the number of young Americans joining sugar daddy dating is expected to increase twice fold.

Here is a table showing you the number of sugar daddies and sugar babies in USA.(data source

2,473,409 574,328
12,345,236 4,972,127

Characteristics of American Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mommies

They are numerous - Just like sugar babies, sugar daddies and sugar mommies are also huge groups currently estimated at more than 2.5 million based on the top 10 sugar daddy dating site. American make up more than 45.5% of sugar daddies at most sugar dating sites. They are multi-racial-The US is composed of a diverse ethnic group, and thus sugar daddies and sugar mommies are of different races including the Whites, African American, Latin and Asian American.

They are quick to provide - Most sugar mommies and sugar daddies are not millionaires or billionaires listed by Forbes as usually claimed. Instead, most of them earn a salary of between $50,000 to $100,000 annually. This income may not be sufficient, but they are generous enough to cater to the needs of their favorite sugar baby based on the arrangement.

They are very selective - They are very picky when it comes to choosing their sugar baby. They are mindful of what they would like in a partner and the relationship. They consider things like height, fitness, emotional needs, personality, and occupation of their prospective sugar babies.

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Finding an Awesome Sugar Arrangement in the U.S

Since online sugar dating started in America, the country has the top 10 sugar daddy dating sites worldwide with the largest numbers of online dating site users. Online sugar daddy dating site is, therefore, the surest way of finding an effective sugar arrangement in the U.S. In recent years, these platforms have undergone significant transformations increasing the probability of finding an arrangement. Currently with these improvements, one does not need to worry about finding a sugar partner; rather they should aim at finding a better sugar partner to kick off their sugar dating career.

Even though numerous Americans have entered in a sugar relationship via sugar daddy dating sites, there are still millions of American sugar daddies still waiting to find a perfect sugar baby. This, therefore, means that American sugar babies have a high chance of finding an ideal gentleman and realize their dreams. Nonetheless, finding a suitable sugar daddy can be a daunting task attributed to the fierce competition brought about by a close ratio of American sugar daddy and American sugar baby currently at 4:1. You, therefore, need to be upbeat to find an impressive arrangement. For sugar babies, sugar relationship is a step in the dark, faced with mystery and uncertainty and therefore it’s essential to learn some useful knowledge and skills to avert the troubles that come with this kind of relationship in addition to standing out of the competition.

While it’s certain that an American sugar daddy plays the dominant role in the settlement and could easily abuse the sugar baby, it is crucial to stay honest and humble after meeting a potential sugar baby since you cannot impress all the young girls.

Tips for Finding Awesome Sugar Arrangement in the U.S

1. To earn more money from sugar relationship, you would want to move to bigger cities including New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, etc. Bigger cities offer not only more income but also numerous opportunities to even a more luxurious arrangement.

2. While in a sugar relationship, it's important to respond to received messages promptly since it may take a long time for your sugar daddy or sugar mommy to be online again as they are busy with their careers. This, therefore, necessitates that you be online most of the times. If you find being online tricky, you may install a sugar daddy app on your phone to alert you of any potential arrangement.

3. When in a sugar relationship, try to exploit various opportunities by expanding your social circle. Make friends when you are taken to high-end parties or join local social circles. You may end up getting a well-paying job in these circles.

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