New Orleans | Sugar Arrangement: Find a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby/Sugar Mommy in New Orleans

Now to Find your New Orleans Sugar Daddy/ Sugar Baby/Sugar Mommy!

1.Sugar Daddy in New Orleans Are Looking for Sugar Arrangement

New Orleans - USA
I want us to both be happy in our negotiated arrangement. I do not want to be someone's keeper or have your own life!
SugarDaddy 6'1 Slim
New Orleans - USA
I do expect however good and timely communication concerning our arrangement and the time we spend together.
New Orleans - USA
I want to make sure you are as happy as me...however, that will depend on the connection and vibe between us.

2.Sugar Mommy in New Orleans are looking for Sugar Arrangement

Sugar Mommy 5'5Slim
New Orleans - USA
I am looking for a gentleman who has a great attitude, a sense of humor and is intelligent.
Sugar Mommy5'7 Slim
New Orleans - USA
If you can stimulate my mind with good conversation, you have my full attention...
Sugar Mommy 5'8 Slim
New Orleans - USA
I'm a very easy going woman, I love making friends and hang out with them

3.Sugar Baby(female) in New Orleans are looking for Sugar Arrangement

Sugar Baby 5'9 Slim
New Orleans - USA
I'm looking for an ongoing arrangement with a compatible, like minded Sugar Daddy. I long to be looked after and taken care of and give that back.
SugarBaby 5'3Slim
New Orleans - USA
I am willing to travel interstate on weekends. I can also spare a night or two during the week and some weekends for those in New Orleans.
Sugar Baby 5'6Slim
New Orleans - USA
I may be curvy but I take care of myself, dress to impress, can hold a conversation and have big pair of ears built to listen.

4.Sugar Baby(Male) in New Orleans are looking for Sugar Arrangement

Sugar Baby 5'11Athletic
New Orleans - USA
I'm a college student studying math, I like hikes and listening to all genres of music. I'm athletic, attractive, and willing so don't be shy.
Sugar Baby6'2Athletic
New Orleans - USA
I'm looking for someone to help me through college and support my shoe addiction. want a sugar daddy or sugar mommy
Sugar Baby5'7Athletic
New Orleans - USA
I’m just looking to have a good time...... not very materialistic and very down to earth...... if you have any questions feel free to ask