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What is the best sugar daddy app?

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best sugar daddy appsSo you are a beautiful and young sugar baby looking for rich sugar daddies or you are a sugar daddy looking for a beautiful young lady, it is possible to down a sugar daddy app. With this, you don’t have to stay gummed to your PC or laptop as you can easily get messages, notifications and search on your phone even while on the go. Thus, if you are in a party, at work, or traveling, you can always use the app since we are always with our mobile phone. Mobile apps can enhance how quickly and easily you can get a sugar daddy. Now, you might be wondering the best app for sugar daddies and which one to choose.

When you intend to get a thing, you always prefer to buy the best even if it does not suit you. However, when it comes to apps for sugar daddies, you don’t have that luxury. This is because an app for sugar daddy should be suitable, otherwise, you will not be able to get the right sugar arrangement on it. Based on this, it is better to find out the app for sugar daddies that will suit you. To know the best app for you, you should just check their features and decide the ones whose features will match your dating needs.

You might have searched the Internet through Google or asked your friends which app they use. We will, however, recommend that you read through our Top 10 Sugar Daddy Dating sites Reviews to know the features of apps and experiences of other people towards getting the best for you. Statistics indicate that 92.1 percent of online consumers who are wise read products review before they go on to buy. It is a very effective habit. When you read the reviews on our site, you will be privy to quality information about apps for sugar daddies such as active members, user experience, target customers, price, cons, and pros among others. You will be able to get references that will be valuable for you. If you do not have enough time to check through the reviews one after the other, here are the most important information you should know:

7 things you should know about sugar daddy apps

If you are iPhone user, you can only use sugar daddy meet app since it's the only surviving sugar daddy app on iOS following the implementation of FOSTA-SESTA laws. However, if you use an Android phone, you can access a wide range of sugar dating apps.

You can save on money by registering and upgrading your account on the mobile site instead of having your account on mobile apps. Mobile apps charge a higher monthly membership fee as compared to mobile sites. For instance, the monthly membership fee of sugar daddy meet is $50 on the mobile site and $64.99 on its mobile apps.

While sugar daddy apps are not available for free, they are free to sign up and try for a limited time. Therefore, you can try out a number of them before reaching a decision.

Sugar daddy apps come with different features to cater to diverse sugar dating needs:

  • • Sugar Daddy Meet App - This app only allows people seeking a sugar daddy or sugar baby relationships and not other relationship such as male sugar baby, sugar momma, gay sugar daddy, among others. It only accepts users from the top 20 richest countries including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Belgium, Singapore, Italy, South Africa, etc.
  • • Millionaire Match App - This isn’t really a sugar daddy app. Instead, its for rich individuals seeking serious relationships. However, you can still give it a try if you are looking for a serious relationship on top of sugar dating.
  • • Seeking App - It is high ranking sugar daddy app with over 1000 million members with a global reach. It allows any kind of sugar relationship. They charge the same monthly fee for mobile site users and app users. The app is available for college sugar babies for free. It's available for Android phones but not iPhones. Seeking app also has a mobile site where you can log in with Facebook.
  • • SugaDady App - It is the cheapest sugar daddy app charging $9.99 a month, $19.99 for three months and $29.99 in six months.

The 5 most popular Sugar Daddy Apps monthly visits

RankSugar Daddy AppsMonthly Visitors
1Seeking App11 million
2MillionaireMatch App6.8 million
3SugarDaddyMeet App5.6 million
4Sudy App5.2 million
5SugarD App3.7 million

From the information above, Seeking App comes first with 11 million monthly visitors meaning that you can easily find an arrangement. However, the ease of finding sugar arrangement also depends on some other factors, including the type of sugar arrangement you are seeking to find as well as the city you are residing in.

Membership Fee of the 5 best Sugar Daddy Apps

RankApps1 Month3 months 6 months
1Seeking AppSD:$89.95
2MM App$70$135$210
3SDM App$50$90$144
4Sudy AppSD:$69.99
SB: $14.99
SB: $34.99
5SugarD App$9.99$19.99$29.99

When choosing a sugar daddy app, you may want to consider all their characteristics on top of the monthly subscription fee. Look out for the pros, cons, probability of getting a date, privacy as well as customer service. Nonetheless, if you are unable to afford the high membership fee, you can go for SugaDady app, which is the cheapest sugar daddy app.

Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Ratio of the top 5 sugar daddy apps

RankAppSD / SB Ratio
1SugarDaddyMeet App 45%:55%
2MillionaireMatch App42%:48%
3SugaDady App35%: 75%
4Sudy App34%:66%
5Seeking App22%:78%

When looking to pick a sugar daddy app, it’s also vital to consider the sheer ratio of sugar babies and sugar daddies. If you are a sugar baby, you would obviously avoid facing lots of competition from other sugar babies. However, a low sugar daddy to sugar baby ratio is good news for sugar daddy and momma as they have a large number of sugar babies to choose from. Sugar daddy meet app keep the ratio of sugar daddy and sugar baby at balance by controlling the user’s registration application. A balanced ratio such as the one on sugar daddy meet app enhances your chances of successfully finding an arrangement.


To conclude, not all sugar daddy apps will work for you, even when they have positive reviews. Therefore, the best sugar daddy app is the one that truly suits you. If you are an average sugar baby, Sugar Daddy Meet App is your best choice as it will enable you to avoid intense competition. Seeking App is perfect for both attractive sugar babies as well as rich sugar daddies/mommas thanks to a high probability of landing an arrangement. If you are unable to afford the hefty membership fee, you ought to consider a free sugar daddy app or go for Suga Dady app which has the least subscription fees. Seeking app and WhatsYourPrice app is ideal for a gay sugar daddy or sugar boy. In essence, the best way of choosing the best sugar daddy app is to read our reviews to find out the key features of the sugar daddy app. After going through reviews, you can then make the right decision based on your realistic dating wishes.

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