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Monthly Allowance V.s. PPM(Pay Per Meet)?

Latest update: Aug 1, 2020       34315 by Tony Samuel

monthly sugar daddy allowance pay per time This is an important question and shouldn't be ignored. In the recent years, with the help of sugar daddy dating sites, more and more people have joined the sugar bowl. Many of them are newbie and don’t understand how the sugar bowl works. Many sugar babies usually break the various rules of a sugar relationship. One of the most serious problems is that many new sugar babies prefer one-time deals.

According to us, we never regard one-time deals as real sugar relationships. We believe that both the sugar baby and sugar daddy should both be happy for a sugar relationship to be successful. However, one-time deals are more like prostitution.

If you are always confused on whether allowance should be paid monthly or after every meet, our honest advice is to ask for allowances monthly.

Although you may get more money when you accept to get paid after each meetup, it won't be the best way to strengthen your sugar arrangement. This reason is that the number of sugar babies will always be more than the number of sugar daddies. Based on this reality, sugar daddies will always have an advantage over sugar babies. Sugar daddies tend to have much more choices; they could switch to the next sugar baby at any time without any cost.

Secondly, if you choose to be paid allowance after every meet, the money you can make depends on the number of times you meet your sugar daddy. Sugar daddies are always too busy and have little time to date or meet regularly. If you aren't able to meet your sugar daddy for a few months, you won't get any financial support during this period.

Thirdly, if you only receive financial support after dating a sugar daddy, it cannot be termed as a real sugar relationship, but rather just a form of companionship. This is the biggest difference between genuine daddies and those just looking for paid sex. Sugar relationships are mutually beneficial relationships. If you can manage to handle the relationship correctly, you may get not only financial support but also friendship, partnership, companionship, and love, etc.

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