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Is It Possible to Find a Platonic Sugar Daddy?

Latest update: Jan 1, 2020       26593 by Tony Samuel

On many sugar dating apps and forums, it is always common to see sugar babies claiming that they are looking for a sugar daddy without giving up the sugar. This is because young girls are usually unwilling to indulge in any form of sexual activity with an old and unattractive men.

So, what would you do if you also want an arrangement without intimacy or physical touch? Today, let's talk about "Is it possible to find a platonic sugar daddy?"

Let's face it, in most sugar relationships, there must be some sort of intimacy involved; this means that most sugar daddies expect intimacy as part of the arrangement, sex is likely to come up at some point. So the chances of finding yourself a platonic sugar daddy are relative low. However, it does not mean that you have no chance of getting what you want.

Yes, it is possible to find a nonsexual arrangement  

*The following tpyes of sugar daddies should be your major targets

  • Older Sugar Daddies. Some sugar daddy are old men who have no passions to have sex with their sugar babies anymore, but he’ll be happy to give you a monthly allowance and he’ll generally want to help you with things like rent or tuition, all he asked in return is companionship (Traveling with him, eating out, attending social or just spending time together).

  • • "Sensitive Soul" Sugar Daddy. In addition, there is another type of sugar daddy called "Sensitive Soul", who only just want a platonic friend. These men are usually experiencing some kind of trauma or difficulty in their life and are looking for some kind of escape. Sugar dates will be a way for them to release pressure. In most cases, they are not going to want sex, all you need to do is keeping them fun and light-hearted.

  • • Online Sugar Dadddy. Like platonic sugar relationship, the online-only sugar relationship doesn't involve sex, because there are no face-to-face meetups in online sugar dating, so these sugar daddies will not physically touch you. All you need to do is bring them some fun through the webcam ( chatting with them online, sending your photos and videos to them, having a video call with them, etc.) By the way, the online sugar daddy relationship is also quite similar to the PayPig relationship.

Well, as you can see, there are plenty of sugar daddies that are looking primarily for platonic love, so it is highly possible to find a platonic sugar daddy. No matter what kinds of sugar daddy you are looking for, the key to success is to be patience and take the initiative. Although it’s not easy, when you successful it’s very rewarding.

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