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Is It Possible to Be An Sugar Baby?

1. Who is an online sugar baby?

Simply speaking, an online sugar baby is a young and attractive woman looking for an arrangement without offline dating, all the services she offers to her sugar daddy are limited to online.

2. What is a online arrangement?

This is a new form of sugar arrangement that has emerged with the development of the Internet. Usually sugar daddy and sugar baby get in touch through the online dating websites. There are no face-to-face meetups and physical touch in this type of relationship. The sugar daddy interacts with sugar baby through webcam.

With the popularity of sugar daddy dating, more and more sugar babies prefer this type of arrangement, some of them are newbies who want to start their first sugaring without physical contact; Some of them are platonic sugar babies who don't want to have sex with the sugar daddies. So, let's talk about "is it possible to find yourself an online sugar daddy?"

3. Which Group of Men would like to be Online Sugar Daddies?

Usually, there are three kinds of sugar daddies show more interest in online arrangements. If you find a sugar daddy like these and you’ve hit the jackpot!

  • • Married sugar daddy. These daddies are middle-aged men, who have been married for many years and are always looking forward to finding new and exciting experiences. At the same time, they never want to lose their wife, so they turn to seek an online sugar baby. They didn't see it as a betrayal beacuse there are no offline dating and physical touch in this kind of relationship.
  • Older sugar daddy. These daddies are too old to intimate with an energetic young woman now, actually, they are not looking for a real sugar relationship, they just wanted someone to talk with them or listen to them. In exchange, they’ll be happy to give their sugar baby some money after having a video call.
  • • Newbie sugar daddy. Some sugar daddies are brand new, they are learning and it needs you to shape the arrangements the way you want. In fact, they are not ready to have a real sugar baby, so they would like to start first online sugaring.

As you can see, there are plenty of sugar daddies that are looking primarily for online sugar babies. So, it is highly possible to be an online sugar baby. If you are patient enough, you will get what you want. Keep searching, but online arrangements cannot be your only option. If the reason you want to be a online sugar baby is just because you don't want sex, you can also find yourself a platonic sugar daddy (The arrangement include offline dating but no sex).

4. The pros and cons of being an online sugar baby


  • Nonsexual, no physical touch and no STD risk
  • No face-to-face meetups, sugar babies are very safe
  • Online sugar babies can have multiple sugar daddies at the same time
  • No strings attached, no feelings and emotions involved in the relationship


  • The income is relatively lower
  • It's not a steady sugar arrangement
  • Not conducive to establish a good relationship(partnership, friendship, mentorship) with sugar daddies

To Conclusion

To be honest, being an online sugar baby, you need better luck. Although we saying it’s possible, it will certainly be more difficult. Make sure you are marketing yourself to the right people. Be patient and enjoy your dates.

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