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What Is The difference Between Paypig Relationship and Sugar Relationship?

Latest update: Aug 3, 2020       15431 by Tony Samuel

paypig, online arrangementIn the last article - "I need a sugar daddy" - Sugar Dating Tips. we provided the solution to finding a sugar daddy. However, we know many sugar babies still have a challenge having sex with old man. Sex without an old man for most sugar baby is a put-off, and many young beautiful girls would say 'I need a sugar daddy without giving any sugar,' 'I am an online-only sugar baby,’ ‘I only accept the online arrangement.' For young girls who desire to make a lot of money but not sex with the old man, the solution is a paypig relationship.

1. What is a paypig?

Generally speaking, a paypig is a gentleman who allowed financial exploitation for sexual gratification. There are different forms of paypig. Occasionally, it involves different types of humiliation with the addition of paying the inflictor. Pay pigging sometimes does include webcamming where the paypig pay a token say $20 or $50 for a show of sugar baby’s body.

2. What is the difference between a paypig and a sugar daddy?

Paypig relationship Sugar daddy relationship
Sex No sex involved Sex is involved
Relationship status Not secure secure
Allowance $500 per month $2500+ per month
Competition Highly competitive Highly competitive
Payment Paypal Cash/Check
Payment cycle Pay as you go Weekly/monthly
Security Lots of scammers Certified Members, worthy of belief

The above table is the basis of comparison of paypig and sugar daddy relationships a sugar baby needs to be aware of when you need the money, and you are mindful of the service you render.

3. What do you need to do after getting a paypig?

In a paypig relationship, you do the same thing you would typically do with a sugar daddy except having sex as you may be subjected to online sugar baby. However, you should know there are 4 types of online arrangements:

① He could demand your nude picture or video. The relationship between you and your paypig is to derive satisfaction from one another. You need money, and he needs the pleasure of seeing your body – the body of a beautiful young girl. He may not be interested in sex with you, but he’s getting satisfaction in your nudity. Since this is a symbiotic relationship based on what both of you need, make sure to negotiate the right price before showing your paypig your body.

② Paypig may ask you show him your soles or foot picture. If you meet the foot fetish paypig, he may request that you sent him your foot or soles picture; he is fantasized by your feet, and however, you want to take the photo or video, show him what he wants and get paid for feeding him his vanity!

③ Your paypig could ask you to play any role. The paypig may not want your physical body or have sex with you because he has a wife and didn’t want to cheat, but your body sure provides the energizer he wants for pleasure. He is sticking with you because you could give him the pleasure his wife can’t give to him. Paypig is sometimes like a casting director who dictates the role to play; you need to oblige him.

④ Paypig could ask that you shake your booty. The paypig who loves backside get pleasure when a lady shakes her booty; he loves the jiggles, the creases, and crevices endowed in booty; he pays you to give him what he wants, get the money provide the show!

4. How to get a paypig?

Nothing is as tricky in sugar dating as finding a paypig, and the trickiness increases with every passing day. Many imposters are on the prowl online pretending to be paypig. This is why every intending sugar baby for paypig needs to be careful. As attractive as online sugar dating may be, the downside in term of scam needs to get you thinking and be smart.

In the effort to get a paypig, some girls head to the free dating app or social media to create an account. They do all stuff to bait potential paypig, while this may work for a few, it is not the best approach because there are many 50+ guys on social media/dating sites who can’t afford sugar daddy relationship or paypig. If you are desirous of finding rich guys online, it is advisable to visit the rich men dating site like,, currently the world’s largest with over 3.5 million high-quality users. Another option to attract paypig is the sugar daddy dating site. This is our suggestion! Compared to other ways, it's cheaper to get a paypig on the sugar daddy dating site, in addition, you don’t have to worry about scammers.

With all said, you need to know that getting a paypig or sugar daddy takes knowing what you want and how to get it. Go in search of the gold with the right tool and the right mine!

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