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What If You Fall in Love with Your Sugar Daddy?

Latest update: Aug 2, 2020       12247 by Tony Samuel

“I’ve had an arrangement with a sugar daddy for about 9 weeks now. This is my first arrangement. Although this guy is genuine, lovely and fun to be around, am worried I might fall in love with him…. What should I do?” – Yvonne.

1. Are you afraid of Falling in love with your sugar daddy?

Whether you are a newbie or experienced sugar baby, this is a common problem you are bound to encounter in your sugar baby experience. Despite us inferring sugar daddies are mostly too old and ugly, don’t be surprised when you meet plenteously attractive sugar daddies in the sugar bowl. Typically, sugar daddies range from middle-aged to old men who are straight-faced and sometimes lack a sense of humor. However, you can also come across young sugar daddies who are exceedingly handsome and charming too.

Basically, young sugar daddies are entirely different from the old ones. If you are lucky to meet such sugar daddy, you will enjoy perquisites of interacting with a lively, funny, smart, and handsome man who is obscenely successful. This is a rich man any women would crave for especially the young sugar babies.

Once you join the sugar bowl, everything's possible. You can meet an eye-catching young sugar daddy and ultimately fall in love even when you least expect it. If it is anything you should be worried about, it's finding too much awesomeness in sugar bowl more than you can handle and falling in love is just one of the beautiful things you can get. Yvonne should just be open-minded and embrace the situation with equanimity.

2. What you should do if you feel like you are falling in love with your sugar daddy:

It is essential you have an earnest conversation with him to create transparency about the situation in your arrangement. Contrary, before you confess your true feelings towards your sugar daddy, you should be subtle about it, or else you might end up in a passive position. You should assess whether he is looking for a serious relationship or not. This way, you will know your place in the arrangement. Thus, in turn, avoid scaring him off in case he’s not interested.

Second, if sugar relationships are not his only options, then you can try finding out the kind of affection he has for you. Still, always remember to conceal your true feelings toward him. If he thinks your relationship is merely a deal, don’t move forward with your intention of conveying your feelings. But if the feeling is mutual, you should weigh in on whether it will be worth it or it will terminate your sugar relationship.

Third, if your analysis shows you that the sugar relationship might go south, but you still want to share your sentiments, find some other time suitable to tell him your emotions without incurring any risks. Keep in mind that before you build a long-term and serious relationship, you should not stop the “sugar” because once you stop the “sugar,” it will mean that you have got a boyfriend. In which case, your sugar relationship will have ended hence complicate the status quo. It is important you play by the rules, step by step. Don't confuse the sugar relationship with a serious relationship.

In other cases, when your sugar daddy knows you have fallen in love with him, he could switch to the next sugar baby to avoid any complications. Some are just not interested in serious relationships. This is a huge loss to sugar babies, and maybe that is why experienced sugar baby scrupulously avoid falling in love with their sugar daddies.

3. How to avoid falling in love with a sugar daddy

You should consider the following tips to protect yourself from falling in love with a sugar daddy;

Control your feelings. Most new sugar babies are very young hence emotionally immature (please don’t take that as an insult, I was emotionally immature at your age too). It’s very easy for them to fall in love with a sugar daddy. So it is necessary to configure yourself psychologically not to let such emotions arise. If you feel you are too weak to control your emotions, you can opt for temporarily leaving sugar bowl for a while. In the meantime, you should try out world’s largest rich men dating site to score a serious relationship ideal to your preferences.

Make some ground rules and follow them unerringly. It is clear that sugar bowl has way too much glamor and allure you can possibly imagine. For that, you can be quickly drawn to the flashy lifestyle and forget some of your core standards. Make a list of do’s and don’ts to guide you throughout your experience with the sugar bowl. Rules like not falling in love with your sugar daddy are necessary to yourself and reduce the risk of overstepping.

Date multiple sugar daddies at the same time. It is not only reasonable but also an effective way for a sugar baby not to develop feelings. If you have only one sugar daddy, you stand a high chance of succumbing to his charms and eventually start feeling unconditional love towards him.

Find an old sugar daddy. Although many sugar babies don’t welcome this idea, the experienced can vouch that this is one of the techniques they have successfully used to avoid emotions during an arrangement. Many young sugar babies have the notion that old sugar daddies are unattractive. You should reconsider if you don’t want to worry about you falling in love with them.

Find a real partner. You can still have a serious boyfriend while you are in the sugar bowl. Sugar arrangements are by default non-exclusive unless you come to the agreement that you will frequently see each other.

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