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Five signs which show he is a fake sugar daddy

Latest update: Jan 15, 2020       4456 by Tony Samuel

fake sugar daddy The growing numbers of online dating websites are creating a sense that it is safer to meet a stranger and actually date. They are making it look so easy by providing the platform. Besides you get to choose a sugar daddy if you like his profile information.

You can find one in the comfort of your home or office. However, as easy it is, it is also easy to find scammers too. They disguise themselves as genuine sugar daddies but they have ill motives. They are not to be trusted.

They take advantage of the fact that they are experienced and know the ropes of this game. Woe unto you if you are new in this dating life. You can be taken advantage of but with the following points, you can avoid them.

1. Selfishness

It is the first sign you should look out for. You should see if he does involve you in decision making. Does he enquire about how you felt in the last restaurant that he took you to? Does he take into consideration if you like the dress or not. Is he a man who wants to do things his way?

Let’s say he buys you a dress and you do not like it. How does he take that or he is the type that says you must do what he says and that’s final. You should be on the lookout because these fake sugar daddies are under the notion that everything revolves around them.

2. Boastful

Check out if he talks about his money most of the time. The truth is he might not have that kind of money he always says he has. Any man who is rich and successful in his business are content with what they have. They don’t necessarily have the urge to keep on telling people about their wealth.

You need to be wary of the conversation the sugar daddy you are meeting holds. Does he always talk about the expensive vacation he takes kids? Is the conversation about how much bought his Rolex watch or suit? Stay away from such a man.

3. He is not a good person

He might talk a lot which is good but check his etiquette. Is he mindful of how he talks? Does he use inappropriate words? Is he thoughtful, full of kindness or considerate? You should stay away from fake sugar daddies that treat other people unfairly.

4. Sadism

He takes you for granted. He thinks he is doing you a favor being your sugar daddy. He treats you like you are the only one benefitting from the relationship. It is true that sugar babies benefit from this kind of relationships but that should not be the root cause of unfair treatment.

5. He never fulfills his promise

A sugar daddy who doesn’t keep his word can mess you up financially, emotionally and even psychologically. You should check if he does what he promises to do. Does he show up when you plan?

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