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How to Find Yourself an Attractive and Generous European Sugar Daddy?

Looking for a sugar daddy near you? Have you ever considered looking for a sugar daddy from Europe? There are high chances that you think they are too far away from your reach. What if I told you that you are wrong? Before I continue, take all the things you have ever thought about European sugar daddies, and forget about it.

Now, let me take this chance to introduce you to a very rich and attractive European sugar daddy.

McCormack2014 - a rich and attractive sugar daddy living in Europe

This hot guy comes from the famous sugar daddy dating site, and without a doubt, he is definitely a hot member on sugar daddy meet complete with a verified photo and income. After asking for permission, he allowed us to share his photo with you, but sadly we can’t publish his real name. If you want to search him on use his username McCormack2014.

Age 37
Location Perugia, Umbria, Italy
Height 6'3" (190 cm)
Income $1 million / year

• About me

“I am a sport loving gentleman living in Europe, Italy. I love living the good life and indulging in a luxurious lifestyle. I have my own business, and I travel a lot around the world. I have spent time in more than 70 countries so far.

I am both successful and handsome. I enjoy having intellectual conversations, and I also admire and respect everyone’s passion very much. I have a group of companies in the UK, and I am currently working on some projects here.

I’m generous but I prefer not to use the word spoil, it’s a turn off for me, but that does not mean you won’t at all times be treated like the lady you are. I simply value sophistication in a woman above all other things, and I haven’t forgotten the art of chivalry, I like to empower the person I’m with.”

• My Photos

super cars. A Porsche GT3 and an Aston Martin Vantage

One of my summer houses is in Southern Sweden and, he also tells us he has another nice flat in Germany.

my own plane

McCormack2014 is an attractive and wealthy sugar daddy. He loves travelling, art and supercars. He understands how to live and enjoy life. If he is your sugar daddy you can imagine how many interesting topics you can talk about with him.

Have you made up your mind now or are you already eager to meet such a sugar daddy from Europe? First of all, let us listen to advice from some experienced sugar babies.

What's it really like to date an European sugar daddy?

According to interviews from several former sugar babies about European sugar daddy, they rated them as the best. Why? When you compare them with sugar daddies from other regions, European sugar daddies are usually younger and passionate. They are also the most generous and provide an exciting company. These former sugar babies also loved how European sugar daddies are direct, open and honest. They like to be a gentleman at all times, and if you want to be romantic with them, all you have to do is give them a good company without being busy all the time. If you want to strengthen your sugar arrangement with them and make your relationship long term, make enough time to accompany them.

Of course, the views of the interviewers do not explain everything about European sugar daddies. To learn more details, the best way is to find one for yourself. But, do you know how?

European Sugar Daddy Dating Advice

If you are living in Europe it is much easier to find a European sugar daddy. We will show you one method on how to find one, however, for more methods you should read our blog and advice.

If you don’t live in Europe, do not worry you can still get your European sugar daddy through online dating by using a sugar daddy dating website or mobile app. You can stay indoors and still meet many attractive and generous men from Europe. The only problem with this method is choosing an effective European sugar daddy dating site.

What's the best European Sugar Daddy Dating Site?

Even though there are hundreds of sugar daddy dating websites and apps on the web, the top 3 most popular and reputable sugar daddy sites in Europe are,, and All of these sites currently have millions of registered users and thousands of new users who join every day. The chances of meeting a sugar daddy living in Europe is higher on these websites.

Our team did text searches and matches on these sites in order to ensure that our recommendation is trustworthy. First of all, we created an account for free on, It is really easy, you only need an email address, or a Facebook account, and no credit card is required. Next, you will follow the steps given for creating a profile using the standard stuff like age, height, location. To ensure you stand out from the rest, add a profile picture together with a profile header.

• Choosing a Search text

We chose the age group to be 20-50 while choosing the option of finding both men and women. After that, we selected the country “France” however, you can always get matches based on your criteria. Finally, we found around 1,000+ matches; the list of profiles included pictures of many attractive men. Another good thing is that you only get the basic information for those you search for and you can also look at their photos to know them more.

Since it was an extended search, we tried to narrow down the profiles based on specific states, the result shows as follows:

  • ① Sugar Daddies Seeking Sugar Babies
    • Paris- 118 matches
    • Lyon - 123 matches
    • Marseille - 171 matches
  • ② Sugar Baby Seeking Sugar Daddies
    • Paris - 285 matches
    • Lyon - 234 matches
    • Marseille - 253 matches

After finding the results, we also did the same text search on The results were also satisfactory.

As you can see, finding a Europe sugar daddy can be very easy when you use a sugar daddy dating site or a sugar daddy app.

Now, the ball is in your court, we believe you can also find yourself an attractive and generous European sugar daddy!