What's the Meaning of SD, SB, SA, SR, Sugar Bowl in a Sugar Relationship?

Usually, many typical acronyms are commonly used by both sugar baby and sugar daddy in a sugar relationship . If it is hard for you to understand the meaning of those words, you would be regarded as a newbie to sugar relationship. Unluckily, it would make you in a passive position when you negotiate the arrangements and allowance with an experienced sugar baby or sugar daddy. Read more >>

What if falling in love with a sugar daddy? - Five tips to prevent it

When you have a sugar daddy, you no longer have to worry about tuition fee and your loans. Throw away your old clothes, grab the fresh new credit card and enjoy the pleasure of consumption in all kind of stores. On weekends, dress yourself like a classy lady, frequent upscale restaurant and have fancy dinners. What a pleasure. But if you can’t help yourself...Read more >>

Where are local sugar daddies? 4 tips to find them

Recently, my friend Caroline told me that she had got tired of her sugar daddy. Because every time she flew to meet her sugar daddy in New York, it took her a five hour that made her exhausted, even though she got a generous remuneration in return. In order to save time and energy ... Read more >>

How to Identify A Scammer on A Sugar Daddy Dating Site?

Rich man dating and sugar daddy dating are very popular nowadays. No matter you are on which site, it’s unavoidable to meet liars and dishonest people. They either want to cheat you for money or have sex with you. Even the most strictly verified millionaire dating site.. Read more >>

Six Ways on How to Date A Sugar Daddy in Los Angeles

It’s my pleasure to introduce my hometown, Los Angeles to you. Although Los Angeles doesn’t have a rich history like Boston or Philadelphia, it has always been a place of celebrity and a place of great fascination due to its superior location and the influence of Hollywood... Read more >>

I Had A Sugar Daddy--My Personal Experience of Being A Sugar Baby

As the the world's largest millionaire dating website, Millionaire Match has a stunning database of rich and successful men, attracting hundreds of single women to sign in every day. This website is designed for millionaires to meet and date. But to be more precise, it is an online platform for girls who want to date rich men. Some women meet and date millionaires on thisRead more >>

Top 10 Places to Meet Rich Sugar Daddies--Skills of Making Friends with Rich Men

Sometimes, you feel that rich people are everywhere. The television and newspaper networks are filled with information about the richmen. Various kinds of luxury cars are seen on the street. Maybe you don't care about all this, since you think they are far away and mysterious for you. Seriously, don't you want to know about a friend of money? Don't you want to have a rich...Read more >>

What Is A Sugar Daddy and How to Find Your Sugar Daddy?

Sugar daddies usually mean generous and mature men who have a successful life with high quality, high taste and high income. They are from different professions: entrepreneur, corporate senior manager, doctor, lawyer and so on, single or married. At first, sugar daddy is old enough to be sugar babies’ daddy, but as time goes by, it could be any man ... Read more >>

Top 10 Sugar Daddy Dating Sites

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Millionaire Match
Sugar Daddy Meet
Whats Your Price
Seeking Arrangement
Sugar Daddy For Me
Sugar Daddie
Sugar Daddy Today
Millionaire Dates
Age Match
Rich Women