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How to know if your sugar daddy is controlling?

Latest update: Jan 21, 2020       3132 by Tony Samuel

Your sugar Daddy The key thing is you should never let anybody control you. Your parents or relatives near your house will definitely caution you when they see you with a sugar daddy that is controlling. The truth is they might be right because they might have seen or experienced such a person in their youth.

It is a sad thing to watch a young woman who is naïve gets lured by this kind of man. It gets worse especially if she has no one close to hers the man will fully take advantage of her. However, even some relatives do not brush off abusing stories and because of this, they might be welcoming one into the family without them realizing.

Likewise to a sugar baby whose focus is in the man’s pocket might be dining with a charming snake. How then does a sugar baby stay off the controlling sugar daddy? She should look out for the following Guidelines.

1. He demands how to make your hair and which clothes to wear

It is not like he will demand with a sad face. However, he will keep on suggesting your hairstyle to his taste. Thinking about it, you may change it but with the time you realize he never approves your hairstyle. This is even after adapting to his new hairstyles you learn that he is never satisfied with styles. A good sugar daddy helps one by suggesting but not demanding. He does leave the room for you to think about it. If you find that your interests and those of your sugar daddy are not interrelated that means there is a problem.

2. He discourages you from being social and doesn’t like the circle of friends you have

You should really think about it because you had these friends before you met him. Your friends have been with you through thick and thin and now he doesn’t like them? When you ask him he gives dumb reasons for his dislike meaning it is a big red flag.

You should get to know if he has friends. Additionally, if he doesn’t have you should never trust a word that comes from his mouth. It is likely that your sugar daddy has a problem which your friends have noticed and they are unable to tolerate him.

3. He suggests you stop working

If you had a job before you shouldn’t oblige to his demand to stop working. Especially when you suspect that he is controlling you should work harder to keep the job. The best way to know this, try to mention your job. Check how he reacts. Does he keep quiet?

If you are not working, you should check if he is helping you find a job. If he is trying to give you reasons for you not to work or he is objecting your plans. Then definitely he is a controlling sugar daddy.

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