10 Tips to Identify Fake Daddies(Attach 7 Sugar Baby Safety Rules)

The diagram of scammers In most cases, the majority of the contacts you will get in the first two weeks of being on the sugar daddy apps will mostly be scammers/salt daddies. This is nothing new, it can be said that scammers and fake daddies are the indispensable parts of sugar dating.

So if you want to success in the sugar dating world, you must first learn to identify scammers or fake daddies. Here we summarize the following 10 tips for you.

Use the fake profile photos. If you are unsure if you are dealing with a scammer or salt daddy, you can always search for his photos on Google Images or check out for his pictures on http://www.scamdigger.com/picsearch.php . If you find the same picture, it shows this guy is using a fake photo to cover his real identity.

Have a perfect profile description. Apart from the great profile photos, his profile description is aslo almost perfect. Young, rich, single and sincere are often used to describe himself. But when you searching for his description on Google, you will find many of the same versions. Let's face it: a real cool sugar daddy never lack for admirers.

Without income verified. In the conversation, the fake sugar daddies always claim that he is super rich, but he didn't get his income verified. Not only that, he was not even a premium member. On the contrary, real sugar daddies never parade his wealthy, but willing to verify their income.

Promise a high offer before meet you. Most scammers usually propose very high offers to make you think, “but what if it is real? It’s got to be worth accept his requirements to find out.” In fact, no one is going to make a genuine high offer to someone they’ve never met.

Ask for your nude photos. When a potential sugar daddy insists that you send them your private photos without engaging in any other conversations and getting to know you more, he is a typical salt daddy. Block him and move on, he doesn't have anything to offer you.

All he wants is sex. Most SD’s expect intimacy as part of the dynamic, so sex is likely to come up at some point – but it should not be the primary focus of conversation. You are looking for a relationship, not a one time thing. But scammers and fake daddies are just looking for free sex, so they alway led the conversation around to sex.

Ask for your payment account. Scammers usually ask for your bank accounts with the excuse of giving you money, so any potential sugar daddy who attempts to make you transfer money or requests for your bank account number is a scammer. A genuine sugar daddy will never ask for your payment account before building a sugar relationship with you.

Take the conversation off the current site. If a potential sugar daddy instantly sends you a number or email etc. to take the conversation off the current sugar daddy dating site. The possibility of him being a scammer is pretty high. block him and move onto the next

Ask you to visit him at a private place. If he resides in a different location and requests, you book a flight to visit him, also be very careful. Always remember, safety should is a sugar babies number one priority, legit sugar daddies understand this and can never suggest an unreasonable demand.

Keep in contact with you for more than 1 month. Real sugar daddies will rarely keep in contact with you for more than a few weeks. Many of them shift to the next sugar baby within two weeks. However, most scammers and salt daddies are always very patient and will keep in contact for a long time.

7 Sugar Baby Safety Rules - How to Protect Yourself When Meeting A Potential Sugar Daddy

  • Let the daddies visit you. Never meet with a potential sugar daddy in a strange or secluded location especially on the first few dates. You'd better let them visit you; Most genuine sugar daddies will always be willing to visit you first, or you can find a local sugar daddy who is not far from you

  • Protect your personal information. Be honest, but do not reveal too much of your personal information (email, number, workplace, home address etc) before you can determine his real identity.

  • Don't spill you Payment account. Making promises is a trick the scammer often apply. He’ll talk about what he’ll buy for you, what places he would take you to. As we mentioned before, Scammers usually ask for your bank accounts with the excuse of giving you money, so don't tell the POTs your bank account or PayPal account before meeting up.

  • Get over the trust issue. Before the first date, it is best to confirm by talking to the person on the phone. If necessary, you can carry out a background research about your potential sugar daddy, there are several advantages to do this. By inquiring about a person’s job, position, and professional questions related to his work, you can know about his income and you can tell whether he is telling the truth.

  • Arrange the first date in public places. Unless you find an online sugar daddy, meeting a sugar daddy offline is inevitable, and the first meet will come up sooner or later. First and foremost, pick a public place for the date and don't enjoy food or drinks from an unknown source.

  • Go home alone. If you cannot be sure of safety, do not spend the night outside. After the end of your first few dates, it is advisable to go home alone.

  • Keep calm. There's no such thing as a free lunch, always keep a cool head especially when you receive generous offers.


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