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What Is Sugar Daddy and How to Find Your Sugar Daddy?

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1. What is sugar daddy?

Sugar daddies usually mean generous and mature men who have a successful life with high quality, high taste and high income. They are from different professions: entrepreneur, corporate senior manager, doctor, lawyer and so on, single or married.

At first, sugar daddy is old enough to be sugar babies’ daddy, but as time goes by, it could be any man who’s rich enough to attract young girls. Sugar daddies are usually busy with work and possess little time to pursue girls, so they tend to pay for girls’ loving companion, correspondingly, those girls are called sugar babies.

2. What is sugar baby?

Sugar babies are girls who’d like to accept sugar daddies. Most of those girls are college students who want to earn their own tuition. Some students do part-time jobs and some apply for the scholarship or student loans, and some get the help from a sugar daddy. It is just the difference of values and lifestyles, sugar babies never lack confidence and gumption.

What sugar babies do?

Sugar babies can enjoy classy dinner, luxury travel, and fancy clothes. They can easily get concert tickets and pocket money more than they need. In return, they should keep company with sugar daddies. It seems like a trade of unusual relationship with sexual behavior some times, but most of the time it is pure companion.

For those who do not know sugar daddy, what do they feel?

Below is the questionnaire survey:

1.How do you encountered your sugar dady?

Girl A: I knew him from a famous dating website:, there are lots of rich people on that and my friends look for sugar daddies on it too. Some of them are successfully found the right matches.

Girl B: A nice bar in L.A.

2.Where do you have the date?

Girl A: He usually take me travel around the marvelous lands and take me to a five-stars hotel.

Girl B:He sends driver to take me to his house in L.A.

3.What’s the reward?

Girl A: my sugar daddy is very generous and gives me pocket money every time, and I can get $10k per month without asking

Girl B: He pays me $2,000 per date. If he’s not busy, he dates me more than 5times a month, and in some busy months he dates me twice a month. If we do not date a whole month, he still gives me pocket money.

4.What kind of life do you have now?

Girl A: I do not worry about my rent and tuition anymore, and I even have a mini-copper now. sometimes I take a ride with my classmates to concert and travel.

Girl B: I can afford Burberry and Chanel now, and I treat my friends and families.

5.Do you like the life?

Girl A: Yes, of course! Why not?

Girl : I will find my Mr.Right, but until that time, uh…yes, I love this life.

6.Did your sugar daddy ask you things beyond your expectation?

Girl A: If compares with my ex, no!

Girl B: We have made the rules at first. He is gentleman.

7.Do you have common friends?

Girl A: no, we do not talk about personal life of each other.

Girl B: no, and I don’t like to have one.

8.Anything not good?

Girl A: He’s old to me….I think I would prefer a younger one next time.

Girl B: No common hobbies.

Here we know about the life and experience of sugar babis. to be a sugar baby?

First, to be a sugar baby not mean marvelous beauty or youth, but you need a man who’s willing to be your sugar daddy. You can be introduced by friends or find them yourself on the sugar daddy site like, and we provide you lots of sugar dating websites to you.

Second, you can not ask for payment beyond your own quality, which means that you should be down to the earth. I believe each single man has his own taste of woman. And if you have your own personalities, you will have your appreciator. Try to find your sugar daddy. Last, if you decide to find your sugar daddy to pay for your life. My advice is that for now on, start to take care of your look and learn about make-up skills; go to gym for a fit body; learn etiquette to increase your behavior....

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