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From financial embarrassment to never worries about money again, I only did one thing!

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succeed at finding a sugar daddyI'm not an online sugar baby, but I got half-year allowance from my sugar daddy without giving any sugar. You will know how I did it by reading the following story.

How do I find my sugar daddy?

My name is Lucy, and I am 19-years-old. I was raised by a single parent, along with my brother and two sisters. The last time I saw my dad was sometime before a fight between my parents 11 years ago. The fight took place all because my father blamed my mom for spending $60 on a pair of shoes for Christmas.

For years, my mom would work more than two jobs at a time in order to raise her kids. Eventually, my brother even had to drop out of high school to help out by working at a car wash. When I was 18, I came to Los Angeles by myself. Without any money, I was forced to live in a tent in my cousin’s yard. It was very hard to sleep whenever it rained. These harsh living conditions continued until my good friend Connie invited me to come live with her.

a NYC sugar daddy paid my the rent Connie was kind enough to pay the rent on her own, allowing me to stay with her for free. With her help, I eventually found a job. Just as I was about to call my mom and tell her the good news about my new job, the phone rangand I received the bad news about my brother being in a car accident. Because I wanted to comfort my mom and make sure she is okay,I quit my hard-won job and returned home to help her take care of my brother and sisters. I had very bad insomnia during those dark days. I often laid awake and wondered why so much tragedy came to our family. Just when everything was starting to get better, why did God deliver us such a heavy blow?

My brother luckily survived, but lost his legs due to the car crash. So he could no longer work nor live a normal life. This became a new problem for our family. In order to make more money, I once again traveled to Los Angeles. When I told Connie about my experiences, she was deeply sympathetic to my misfortune, and gave me a piece of advice that forever changed my life."Go find a sugar daddy!"

sugar baby liftstyle in florida Yes, I need a rich sugar daddy, but wait! What kind of 19-year-old girl is willing to find a guy over 50 to have a sexual relationship with? Connie seemed to see my point of view. She calmly showed me her cell phone, and what looked like a sugar daddy app or a sugar daddy websites. Connie then proceeded to let me see all of her information that she had filled out for the site. I realized she had another identity, a secret life. Although I was shocked, I began to wonder if many of the girls I saw on the street who looked clean cut, were actually also sugar babies. Due to Connie's demonstration, I started to get a bit worried. So many choices seemed to be overwhelming, but I finally decided to try and go find my sugar daddy.

But, where is my sugar daddy?

Because I can not afford a top sugar daddy dating site, I chose to try my luck on twitter. In order to keep my identity private, I just uploaded a vague photo and simply put in my bio, “sugar daddy wanted”, or “sugar daddy needed”. Some men messaged me asking for nude photos, but none of them were willing to spend money on me. I still had no leads after a month. Just when I was about to give up, Connie's sugar daddy introduced me to his friend;a 45 year old sugar daddy from New York, he was an excutive and drove a new Mercedes Benz.

After a meeting that seemed more like an interview, we reached a $5,000 monthly allowance agreement. Since we did not have a “market price,” I did not care if it was undervalued. I did not tell him about my family or living situation, but he seemed to be able to see through me and understand my goal. After all, I was only 19, and I was still very immature compared to him. Because of the trusted connection through Connie, he actually offered to pay me up front for the next six months. God, that is almost $30,000.

share my sugar baby story on twitter In order to be more convenient for us to meet, my generous sugar daddy rented a house for me in florida and paid an 18-month rent in advance. He sent me many things based on my amazon wish list for additional gifts. I started feeling ashamed that I had not done anything at all for him. After receiving my large allowance, I told my mom that I had found a good job and had sent her some money so that she could take good care of my brother and sisters. I knew not all sugar babies was lucky enough to meet such a good sugar daddy, so I shared my unique experience on Twitter. Unexpectedly, it garnered more than 80,000 likes, which made me think I need to share more stories with other sugar sisters, especially newbies.

Final word

Yes, I am a sugar baby, but I am not a gold digger. I know that money does not solve all of life’s problems, but money can save you a lot of trouble. If I had money 11 years ago, maybe then my siblings and I would not have grown up in a family without a father. I do not wish to promote money worship nor do I want to educate anyone. I just want to let more people know about this lifestyle by sharing my sugar baby experience, because those who have never experienced poverty or helplessness can not really evaluate this lifestyle objectively and impartially.

In some cases, it seems God will take away your right to choose, so we must do some deals with God and lose some sacred things in the process. Now I finally understand that these losses are necessary because it will give me and my loved ones more options for a brighter future.

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